Mathesia Subscription Plans

On Mathesia INNOVATORS challenge our experts (BRAINIES) to create innovation and solve problems in Data Science, Mathematics & Engineering.


You can join Mathesia as a single BRAINY if you want to solve challenges as an individual or you can join as a BRAINY PRO if you want to solve challenges and represent an organisation, research facility or consultancy.

Innovators Plan

  • Innovators

  • EUR1000*Yr
    • Access to Innovation Center
    • Support for project writing
    • Innovators Newsletter

Brainies Plans

  • Individual Brainy

  • FREE
    • Unlimited Project Applications
    • Projects Newsletter

  • Brainy PRO

  • EUR1000*yr
    • Unlimited Project Applications
    • Projects Newsletter
    • Technical Support
    • Exclusive Projects
    • Promotions & Events

* +VAT if applicable

Contact us for more information about Brainies plans and pricing!


How often I will receive your newsletters?

We will send the Innovators Newsletter monthly and the Brainies Newsletter when new projects open.


What is the Innovation Center?

The Innovation Center is a place where you will find articles, suggestions and whitepapers for your next innovation.


What is the technical support?

You will have a dedicated account manager helping you with support, insider tips and strategies to ensure your continued success.


What are the Brainies PRO exclusive projects?

Some projects on Mathesia could be open only to Brainy PRO account and not to individual Brainies, because they need more resources to work on.


What are the Promotion Plans?

If you are a Company Brainy PRO, we will promote your activities with interviews or publishing your success stories in our blog, newsletter and social accounts. Moreover, you can be invited as a speaker in our business events.