Project details

Shape and path optimization in 3D printing

Published by: SHAREBOT

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Manufacturing

Budget (EUR): FROM 15000 TO 30000

Project description

In 3D printing by fusing deposition techniques, some key optimizations are needed:
1) topological optimization to add proper support structures (number and position of the supports);
2) shape optimization of each support structure;
3) optimization of the object orientation with respect to the printing plane;
4) deposition path optimization;
5) optimization for object segmentation and placement of the resulting partitions.

The quality of the printed object, the time needed for the printing process and the material consumption are heavily dependent of the optimization processes.

Project goal

The project goal is to set-up a proper mathematical and numerical optimization problem (see Project description) and to develop a software to address the need to maximize the quality of the printed object and to minimize the printing time.
The optimization techniques, in particular those regarding the support structure, should be enough general to be extended to other 3D printing methods, like photopolymerization, in a next project.