Project details


Published by: De' Longhi Appliances S.r.l.

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Product design and ergonomics

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

Observation of toasted slices of bread is essential to evaluate the bread toasting performance.
Objective analysis requires numerical parameters: they should be related to the color of the sliced bread. For example Standard UL 1026 defines three levels of browning based on the color of the slice: light, medium and dark (see the Food Color Chart or the document in attachment).
We need a tool to perform a robust analysis of color photos of bread slices: images defects or differences, such as brightness, size or rotation/inclination should not affect the results of the image processing.

Project goal

We need a tool to perform a robust analysis of color images. The results should not be affected by the quality of the photos (brightness, size, rotation/inclination). For this, two images of same toasting process but with quality differences will be provided.
The tool should be a Mathworks Matlab code using functions of Statistical and Image processing toolbox.
We will take into consideration tools that give out the suggested outputs, at least.
Additional output parameters will be well evaluated.
High quality solutions with faster timing will be awarded.
Preference will be assigned to a proposal which does not exceed 5000 euro.