Project details

Fan & Fin Heat-Sink: parametric design optimization & database

Published by: Whirlpool R&D S.r.l.

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Manufacturing

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

The main topic of our challenge concerns Heat Sink design, in a conventional Fan & Fin layout .
We need a fast parametric software to evaluate Heat Sink design, including duct and fan properties.

The input information are:
• Heat Sink geometries (width, length, height, baseplate height, fin width, number of fins)
• Heat Sink material thermal properties
• Duct geometries
• Cooling fluid thermal properties
• Fan properties (pressure rise and air volume flow: P-Q curve)
• Multiple rectangular Heat source geometries (width, length, location on Heat Sink baseplate)
• Heat sources dissipated power
• Thermal interface material properties (between heat source and baseplate)

The ouput information to be extracted is:
• Heat Sink / air-duct system hydraulic resistance (pressure drop) and fluid volume flow;
• Average fluid velocity and fluid velocity on fins
• Baseplate thermal maps and hot-spot
• Heat sink thermal maps and hot-spot
• Heat sink to fluid thermal resistance
• Heat sink weight
Spreading thermal resistance must be taken into account.
The optimization to be provided is based on user supplied cost functions.
We do not want a CFD software, but a parametric approach.
Link to Heat Sink and Fan manufacturers standard catalog database is foreseen.

Project goal

We need a fast parametric software to evaluate Heat Sink design, including duct and fan properties, and to optimize the system against user supplied cost functions. Link to heat sink and fan manufacturing catalogs is required.
Preference will be given to high-quality & low-budget proposals.
Returned abstracts should include ONLY the added value provided by the brainy to the project