Project details

Service to dealer optimization

Published by: NolanGroup

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Logistics

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

Over the last few years Nolan has centralized the service to the helmets stores in Italy, France and the Netherlands, gradually dismantling the local warehouses and obtaining the distributions directly to the mentioned countries. The purpose of these acquisitions was to control directly the logistic, centralizing in a unique warehouse, keeping the local sale service.
The warehouse management of the finished products and the shipments of them has become consequently more complicated.
By this project Nolan undertakes to optimize the customer service (which is made of shipments as fast as possible from the date of the order, with a high execution coefficient, at the fewest deliveries) optimizing meanwhile the service cost.

Project goal

In particular:
- Being known the restocking policy of the production warehouse (lean)
- Being known rates and timing of transportation
- Being known a certain classification and importance of customers
- Being known the volume of the product to send out (Helmets)
- Being known the possibility to monitor the procedures generally used to ship accessories

An algorithm that can optimize delivery service, in terms of target sorted per priority, needs to be developed and tested:
- Customer waiting time minimization
- Transport costs minimization
- Maximization of orders execution coefficient
- Minimization of number of deliveries (also by cumulating orders)

In a second moment the algorithm has to be implemented and engineered in order to be integrated with the system used for the warehouse management.

The splitting of the proposal in two parts will be appreciated: one focused on the construction activities and on the test of the model, the other one dedicated to the development, engineering and extension of the software.
The indicated Budget is referred to the total that includes both parts.