Project details

GUI development for an automatic software management

Published by: PRIMETALS Technologies Italy Srl

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Automation

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

The industrial context this project is related to is the iron and steel industry, in particular the metal bar straightening process. This process consists in a cold plastic deformations of metal finished products, performed through a sequence of steps from the original shape to the final one with the aim to correct the bending and straighten the bar.

Primetals has developed a set of software tools to simulate this process. Though these tools are in theory strictly linked and integrated from the conceptual point of view, still from the software architecture point of view they are stand alone and need to be manually set up and launched to perform the whole simulation workflow.
For these reasons, the need is now to integrate this set of tool in a high level software architecture, integrating and automatically managing the input/output data flow and software run.

The project budget is limited to 7000 euro.

Project goal

The object of this project is the development of an interactive GUI that automatically handles the preprocessing, the launching and handling, and the prostprocessing of the underlaying software modules simulating the steps of the manufacturing process of a straightening machine.