Project details

Air duct simulation and fan selection tool

Published by: Geico Taikisha , Automotive coating plants

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: HVAC

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

Flow calculation for water piping or air ducts.
Additional details available soon

Project goal

Our goal is to have a simple tool to calculate Head Loss through piping and Static pressure through air ducts, give the flow rates required to fulfill the process requirements.
Input data would be, flow rate (m³/h), fluid density (kg/m³), flow temperature (°C), pipe/duct length, curves, disturbances
Expected output data would be suction side head loss / static pressure (Pa), pressure side head loss / static pressure (Pa), required power (kW).
Pipe/ducts design should be parametric and include simplified graphic representation.
The tool must include the possibility to simulate the influence of interconnected piping/ducting where more than one pump/fan are working in parallel.