Project details

Tools stock optimizer

Published by: Siemens VAI Metal

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Manufacturing

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

A manufacturing process where the final shape of the product is reached in a discrete number of plastic deformation steps.
Each steps is performed by mean of a dedicated tool, different final shapes are generated by combining the deformation steps in sequences.
Generally these sequences have a common "root" path that tend to differentiate and create multiple paths after a certain number of steps (tree shape).
The tools are subject to wearing and need to be redressed periodically (frequency depends on tons of processed material).
The number of redressing of the each tool is limited.
Once a tool has reached its maximum number of possible redressing can be used as "raw material" to re-start its lifecycle as different tool in a different position of the process' flow.
Every time a tool is worn out and need to be redressed (otherwise the product is not shaped according to the required tolerances) the production need to be stopped causing a loss of production (and contribution margin).

Project goal

The project has two main goals:
1. Given a certain monthly production schedule: the goal is the identification of the sequence of production of the mix that would minimize the number of stoppage for tools change over continuous shifts of 24 h each (minimization of plant stoppage for set-up)
2. Given a yearly product mix determine the minimum set of tools to satisfy the required yearly production target (minimization of tools' stock)