Project details

Process driven to data driven desktop automation

Published by: Deloitte



Application domain: Information Technology

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

Our help desk system currently relies on advanced digital technology to support human operators in their customer care activity.
Our system is based on a consolidated process and takes advantage of automation techniques in terms of digital triggers that, asking the customer a set of predefined questions, reacts on the customer's answers to guide the operators in determining what the customer's problem is and eventually find a solution.
We are aiming to move from our process-driven system to a data-driven system where the customer's trouble reports are fed to algorithms that, thanks to machine learning techniques, on one hand provide prescriptive analytics that not only solve a problem but help correct behaviors to avoid the problem occurrence; on the other hand build up a data mine which, using artificial intelligence techniques, will be able to provide deductive analytics.
The goal is to start reducing human intervention in the analysis of repetitive cases, eventually reaching the total automation of the entire process

Project goal

We would like to receive a software system that, by applying data intelligence and machine learning algorithms to our database of cases, will be capable of accepting incoming cases and providing solutions without any manual intervention. On the basis of the historical data and of the new incoming cases the system will learn how to recognize patterns in order to provide prescriptive analytics.