Project details

Safety Pre-Sense

Published by: Eni

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Energy

Budget (EUR): FROM 30000 TO 60000

Project description

In our company safety in production plants is of key importance. We have collected detailed data about incidents, unsafe conditions or near miss incidents (generally indicated as HSE or safety events) over the last decade and we would like create a data-driven framework able to identify the most relevant and repeating causes and factors of incidence concerning safety. The framework should act as a decision support system, predicting the risk of future operations, performing scenario analysis and prescribing risk mitigation actions.

Project goal

This project will be structured in several phases.
The objective of the first phase (object of this call and therefore of this document) is to deliver a descriptive and correlation analysis of safety events, highlighting patterns and similarities useful for the next steps, and to identify other possible sources of information.