Project details

Fluid network optimization

Published by: BlueGold

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Automation

Budget (EUR): UP TO 50000

Project description

Our company is the leader in fluid flow and pressure monitoring and management for hydraulic systems. Our goal is to provide valuable information to service providers in order to identify leakage, optimize the pressure in the network and extend the asset life. The company would like to improve the automatic pressure management inside the network.

Project goal

Having the detailed description of the network (topology, pipe dimensions and sizes) and the fluid flow and pressure realtime measurements in few points defined from the algorithm, the algorithm is required to:
1. Predict the fluid consumption based on the historical data (demand profile)
2. Predicting the consumption based on measurement required for next 24 hours, define the optimum realtime setup program to apply on the pump stations or PRV (Pressure reducing valves) to minimize the fluid flow and pressure in the distributing network and the cost of the service to maintain the required customer's Service Level Agreement
3. In the case of multiple pumping stations or PRVs (generally energy system controllers), define in real time which, in terms of regulation, impacts on each point (node) of the network