Project details

Motorbike Simulator

Published by: Moto Trainer



Application domain: Automation

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

We developed and patented a bike simulator, the only one that can lean till 50° with a real bike.

At this stage, we can load a real superbike and lean left and right as in the reality.
This means when you are watching an onboard video recorder, you fell involved.

Project goal

Goal = training on the bike

We need to link the bike movements to a sw that give to the user the chance to upload an onboard camera (independently by the track).

For master users (riding school or professional riders)
During play video, following the video, they can save on the display the right signals (brake, throttle, lean, gear) by the bike on MotoTrainer.

For users
Based on that, during the riding training, the following users could see the mistakes thanks to the various kind of alerts on the screen, and at the end of the lap, the user could know the time lap and a score based on the wat to brake, lean, etc.