Project details

Gears Drive for Rotary atomizer

Published by: CMT Atomizers

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Manufacturing

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

CMT is a worldwide leading producer of high performance rotary atomizer systems for spray drying applications the dairy and food, flue gas cleaning, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
The “Rotary atomizer” is a high speed machine suitable to pulverize something into very tiny pieces. It converts a bulk liquid into a spray or mist through the high speed principle.
The rotary atomizing principle is well known for its versatility and can be used for basically every liquid feed which shall be converted into small atomized particles.
One of the key points of this machine is the technology applied to achieve high speed rotation of wheel (which is the ultimate component conditioning the final powder quality)
The three technologies used today are: the belt drive, the gears and the high frequency direct motor. CMT is a competent actor especially in belt technology and direct drive and is looking to expand its competence in the field of gear drive.
We are looking for a design and simulation of a new gear drive for one of our rotary atomizer model.

Project goal

The goal is the design of the new high speed gear transmission. The expected output is a 3D mechanical drawing that shall include: gears, bearings, oil pumps, oil pipes, heat exchanger and outer casing (gearbox).
The overall layout design must fit within defined dimensions. Special care must be taken in the oil distribution system design (oil pump selection and placement) and thermal power dissipation design.

Additionally simulations about the most important design quantities shall be provided (thermal dissipation and mechanical stresses).