Project details

Resource Allocation Optimization

Published by: BPO Company

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Services

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

A company is aiming to maximize its productivity by optimizing the allocation of the operating resources to the daily jobs according to:
- Daily job backlog including job type, age, required skills
- Resource backlog including availability, skills and productivity goals

Due to the wide scope of request types the company relies on pools of resources with specific skills to best match the request processing.

As of today the company’s system works as follows:
The company receives its clients’ requests during the day up to a cut-off time that is used to compile a job backlog for the next working day. This means that for each working day there is a finite, immutable number of requests that must be processed. Each job request is assigned to an available resource that matches the skills required to process that request type. The assignment is done centrally by a coordinator at the beginning of the working day. During the day the coordinator monitors the job processing status and decides whether any reallocation is necessary.

Besides the resources’ skills the coordinator must take into account other criteria, relevant both to the request and to the resource, in order to assign the job to the resource. The criteria are described in detail in the following sections.

Project goal

We expect to receive an algorithm that optimizes the resource allocation by automatically assigning the job to the resources that match the criteria.
The algorithms shall implement two functionalities:

Task 1: Static optimization of the assignment of jobs to resources, based on the daily job load and on the resource skillset and availability.

Task 2: Dynamic reassignment of the jobs (Task 1) if some resources are underloaded. The algorithm shall be able to react to the dynamic variation of resource processing speed by monitoring the job processing status.