Project details

Crazy Dolphin Prototype 3.0 - Structural Analysis


Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Product design and ergonomics

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

The project focuses on a FEM model set-up and calculation for a swim bike prototype in operating conditions.
Based on a provided 3D geometry, a shell FEM model will be generated and tested on four loading conditions. These will include stresses from hydrostatic forces, pedalling force, boat weight and cyclist weight.
The structural analyses will be performed assuming linear-elastic behaviour.

No specific FEM tool is requested for this project. However, any proposed software should document an extensive set of validations for this type of applications.

During the project, at least two review meetings will be held in Milan.

Project goal

The main objective of this project is the verification of the structural behaviour of the swim bike in operating conditions.
As deliverables, maps of the tensional state, deformations and displacements are requested. Critical areas in terms of high stress and/or closed-to-plastic deformation should be highlighted.