Project details

Optimization of the use of operating rooms in a hospital

Published by: One of the leading orthopedic hospitals in Europe

Status: CLOSED


Application domain: Medicine

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

One of the leading orthopedic hospitals in Europe pitches a project aiming to optimize the calculation of operating room time when planning the surgical sessions.

Optimization of the use of Operating Rooms (OR) in a hospital includes at least the following aspects:

-Using as much as possible of the allocated time in the day (leaving a booked Operating Room unused or only part-time used causes waste of paid Operating Room time)
-Reducing the probability of OR activity after planned closing time (which causes additional costs –extra personnel time, extra OR time- and work load -longer personnel shifts-)
-Maximizing the Operating Room day billing
-Maximizing the billing to cost ratio

Calculation of the time employed to complete a surgical session (composed by one or several procedures) is not exact. Many different parameters influence the final time for a procedure:

-Time to complete anesthesia
-Availability of second anesthesiologist
-Availability of pre-anesthesia room
-Time to complete positioning
-Time to incision
-Number and type of surgical steps and maneuvers
-Number and type of unexpected surgical events
-Number and type of unexpected non surgical events
-Skill of the surgeon
-Identity of the surgeon
-Skill and identity of the rest of the staff (assistant, scrub nurse, OR nurse, Anesthesiologist)
-Time to revert anesthesia
-Time to patient’s exit
-Patients destination (ward or intensive care)

Project goal

In this preliminary phase of the project we expect to receive a tool that is able to give a fairly accurate prediction of the required procedure time by taking as input data the parameters of the procedure being planned.
The model included in the tool should be adaptive by adjusting the predictions based on the new data available over time.

The model should be later refined by at least:
-including specific variables and coefficients from our specific environment
-extending its applicability to different kinds of orthopedic surgery.

We will accept offers upto 2.000€ for the preliminary stage of the project.
More budget is available for the next stage.