Mathesia is the first crowdsourcing platform dedicated to applied mathematics, modelling, numerical simulation and data science.
Thanks to Mathesia, companies have a new and direct channel to interact with the best specialists all over the world and face the challenges of digital transformation, Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of things), artificial intelligence, optimisation of process or product. With Mathesia every industrial problem becomes a mathematical challenge and thousands of experts compete in proposing to the company the best possible solutions.

The innovation of Mathesia and its uniqueness is founded in its specialisation (applied mathematics) but also in its model, the brainsourcing: Mathesia allows companies to access a wide range of high-profile skills, facilitating the transfer of technology and know-how and putting in direct communication the business world with that of research. Mathesia helps companies to formalise a challenge in “mathematical terms” by offering the possibility to activate a direct and effective dialogue with those who are able to offer the best solution, the best performing algorithm, the most consistent model or the simulation method more reliable.

Today on Mathesia there is already a community of thousands of brainies (experts): researchers, university professors or qualified consultants. Their reputation on Mathesia is fundamental, for this reason the platform attracts and enhances specialists with high levels of training and experience. Mathesia does not address a specific industrial sector. From industrial automation to health care, from transport to fintech, from agro-food to the sports sector, companies of all sizes can exploit the platform and launch challenges that address any function, from R&D to marketing, from production to logistics. Mathematics is pervasive and allows you to work by analogy, abstracting from the specific context or application.

Companies like Siemens, De’Longhi, Nolan and Generali have already chosen to use Mathesia to optimise their logistic processes, to exploit big data and offer custom services to their customers or, again, to improve product design, thanks to machine learning algorithms.

Mathesia has recently closed an investment round of over 700,000 euros and is ready to expand its presence on the international market. Until now the goal has been the development of the platform and the community of brainies. Mathesia now begins an important marketing and communication activity to reach every company, from SMEs to multinationals, and in every country.

Mathesia is ready, today, to meet the challenges of companies in every part of the world.