Mathesia Outlook 2019

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT… How are companies using Data and Analytics? Will Data Science truly make a difference in the coming years? What will be the risks Data Science will have to cope with in the near future?
“Mathesia Outlook 2019” is a report exploring how Data Science and Applied Mathematics will shape our future. 
We aim to provide an overview of the role of Data Science in industry, from the lightning-fast development of Big Data to the evolution it is expected to have in the foreseeable future. We would like to explore Data Science and Applied Mathematics opportunities and critical issues from both scientific/technological and applied/industrial perspectives.


During the past quarter Mathesia has invited to an online business survey the decision makers of Italian companies in several industry sectors.

At the end of the survey a total of 83 completed business surveys were received. The respondents, among whom were Directors, Vice Presidents and members of the C-Suite, spanned a variety of industries such as Telecommunication, ICT, Manufacturing, Finance, Media&Marketing, Food&Agriculture and Logistics.


The Experts’ survey was instead shared through the network of Mathesia Brainies, a community of 3000 experts in Data Science and Applied Mathematics distributed in 50 countries. A total of 91 experts’ surveys were completed.


Business Survey Key Facts

About half of the surveyed companies have declared they take advantage of Data Science tools. The most widely used technologies include Machine Learning, alongside Databases, Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence tools, which are employed mainly in Marketing & Sales, R&D and Production. Although perceived as prevalent in industry practices, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI are still taking their first steps in the Italian industry to be causing practical impact and change. 2019-21 are going to become the key years for the integration of these technologies: in the near future 2 out of 3 companies plan to invest in Data Science technology, especially in Machine Learning. As for their expectations, many declare they will be closely looking to the Business Intelligence field and – unexpectedly – to the optimization of processes (Process Optimization, Predictive Maintenance, Automation, Supply Chain and Quality Analysis), rather than to product optimization or customer behavior analysis.


Experts Survey Key Facts

In the Experts’ opinion, Machine Learning is the most promising technology, whereas there is less expectation on IoT, Cybersecurity and Blockchain. Automation is what they reckon will be the main move point pertaining to industry and application: the correlation of this “move point” lies in machine learning. The greatest effects are expected in the bio-medical sector.


Identified risks

The main risk that both businesses and experts have identified is how a widespread usage of Data Science techniques will affect privacy, as highlighted in the experts’ interviews.

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