Mathesia – sponsor of Bold Awards 2019 – is called to deliver the prize to the winner of the Boldest Crowdsourcing Online Platform, an internal competition of the Bold Awards, to reward companies that best combine the strength of plurality and the commitment of the individual.

Bold Awards, a unique event of its kind that takes place this year in Venice, is the result of a collaboration between Crowdsourcing Week and H-Farm.

Milan, April 2, 2019 – Mathesia, the first crowdsourcing platform dedicated to applied mathematics, is the sponsor of the Bold Awards event for the Boldest Crowdsourced Online Platform category and on the evening of 5 April 2019 in Venice it will deliver the prize to the winner among the five finalists selected: InGenius, MIndSumo, Mindhive, Rappler and Rema. The winner of this category will be the platform that has devised the most innovative approach to crowdsourcing, within a scientific project that demonstrates a quantifiable benefit. The candidates were selected based on a series of criteria, including Impact Level (40%), Scalability (30%), Transparency (20%) and Human Factor (10%).

Mathesia and Crowdsourcing Week are strategic partners in many initiatives, such as the Crowd Innovation Council, which is responsible for informing the public and government bodies about the most recent highly innovative platforms, with the aim of promoting the increasingly extended use of crowdsourcing.

“Being a sponsor of such a prestigious event in the crowdsourcing scenario is an extraordinary strategic opportunity for Mathesia to immerse itself with the best excellence in innovation,” said Robert Maguire, head of Strategy at Mathesia. “Mathesia is the most advanced European reality in the field of crowdsourcing applied to mathematics and data science, and we hope to soon be able to collaborate with the new innovative platforms that compete at the Bold Awards, with which we intend to forge strategic partnership agreements to spread the culture of crowdsourcing as an innovative and advanced business approach “.


In the lead up to the awards, Robert Maguire will give a presentation of “how to crowdsource data science & mathematics” on Facebook LIVE this coming Wednesday, April 3rd at 17:00 CEST. To watch live join at –