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Mathesia presents the Connected Innovation Hub

Mathesia is happy to present a new partnership opportunity for companies.

The Connected Innovation Hub is program which will help organisations find new and emerging technological opportunities and provide result focused solutions to challenges by providing a secure place for mathematicians, scientists and innovators to interact and engage with. 



Tools and options to help you get the best value for your business challenges.

Dedicated technical writers who help you identify, describe and write your project requirements to maximise its potential for success on the platform.
Confidential Projects – With the Innovation Hub you have ability to post a project confidentially and target Brainies with competences that match your specific project needs.
Reduced rates on project commission fees.
Project Management – After the project has been awarded to a Brainy, Mathesia will support you to ensure it’s completed seamlessly.



Use the Innovation Hub to increase your visibility and prestige.

Brand exposure and advertising across the platform.
Free marketing of your case studies, research and innovation across Mathesia’s social channels.
Free advertising of your company in our monthly newsletter.
Sponsorship of our annual flagship event.



A unique opportunity to expand your network and find new opportunities for your business.

Access to almost 3,000 world expert mathematicians, researchers and innovators in one place.
Network with like-minded companies to increase your potential for sales.
Identify potential partners to help you complete multi faceted projects and collaborate on tenders.
Free half day brainstorming session with a brainie to help you explore new and existing innovation within your company.
Access to one-on-one workshops with brainies.