New York

Mathesia lands in the US

Mathesia is proud to announce the opening of our NYC office!

As part of our roadmap for expansion Mathesia have recently opened a new HQ in the US.
“We are bringing our unique value proposition to industry and helping to shape the future of work. This is another step forward in the positive development of our platform”, says Robert Maguire, Head of Strategy at Mathesia.

The aim of this operation is to extend the platform to the US market, the most functional and dynamic in terms of data science and applied mathematics both for companies and institutions, in order to establish new contacts with academic and research organizations.

Mathesia’s presence in the US will make it possible to broaden the market by developing projects already in progress, thanks to the collaboration of US companies operating in any industry. A further purpose of this operation is to extend Mathesia’s network of experts from high-profile US universities.

According to a research by Gartner Group, 75% of major US companies use crowdsourcing or avail of open innovation solutions. In 2018 almost 3 billion dollars have been spent in the US for innovation projects related to the crowd. By 2020, 40% of US workers will become part of the Gig Economy – working as a freelancer or as member of a crowd.

Mathesia are already developing strategic partnerships with world leading companies in the US to improve processes, develop products and digitally transform by using the power of crowdsourcing.