In partnership with major US innovators like NASA, Deloitte & Microsoft, Mathesia is helping shape the world of crowdsourcing and innovation by bringing its unique value proposition to the US market.

Mathesia, the crowdsourcing platform which allows companies to interact with the best specialists of data science, applied mathematics, modelling and numerical simulation, announced that they have become now a Member of The Collective, a member-based community of platforms, innovators and academics. The Collective was launched by Open Assembly, an organization created in 2017 with the purpose of thinking on the future and the significant changes of the working-world. The Collective is made up of a wide community of platforms and innovators, both corporate and academic, dedicated to advancing the dynamic of open work strategies, crowd-based innovation and practical collaboration. Members of The Collective are among the most relevant key-players in the USA, like NASA, Deloitte, General Electric and Microsoft.

The Open Assembly was founded in alignment with the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard University (LISH). It brings more than 30 years of collective experience in thought leadership, entrepreneurship and advising on the study and building of open platforms in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. To date the Open Assembly has contributed to over 1,000 challenges in data science, engineering, life sciences, organizational management, brand strategy, marketing and various engineering technologies. The team also implemented systematic Open Innovation (OI) programs in a range of organizations, helping them understand how OI can be integrated within their own innovation processes, and how to enable learning, piloting and scaling of OI programs to deliver results.

A key aim of this operation is to extend Mathesia’s expertise to the best organizations and firms on the US market, and make real partnerships with companies, influencers and academic institutions working on the concept of innovation. Mathesia will actively contribute to The Collective by developing new Open Innovation solutions, and collaborating with fellow members to define best practices in the world of advanced crowdsourcing.

“Being part of The Collective and Open Assembly is a great achievement for us, we are very proud of this acknowledgement, as we strongly believe this is a big step in our expansion” – Robert Maguire, Head of Strategy of Mathesia, said.“Mathesia was chosen because of its unique business model, which makes Mathesia the most advanced European platform in crowdsourcing dedicated to mathematics and data science. Along with the other Collective partners, we will be able to work with the most prominent business and academic organizations, with the common purpose of advancing Open Innovation”.