Mathesia @ CSW Global 2019

On 12-13 September, Robert Maguire, Head of Strategy of Mathesia, was in San Francisco at the latest Crowdsourcing Week event: CSW Global 2019.  Robert was one of the speaker of the panel Humans are Born Innovators focused on understanding the conditions that speed up innovation is critical to competitive advantage and provides novel insights into the rise of breakthroughs, together with Christian Cotichini CEO & Founder of HeroX, Harlan Bennett, manager of CapTech, Mei Lin Fung, Co-Founder & Board Member of People Centered Internet and Sabih Khan, Vice President Innovation of Sourceability.

Mathesia participated also in the interactive breakout session Crowdsourcing for Enterprise & Government, about crowdsourcing as applied to enterprise and government to grow revenue, control costs, and spur innovation, while strengthening engagement and fostering loyalty. In this session we explored how to Build that Bridge – Connecting Enterprise to Expert, because finding the best talent to help their business need not be as challenging as the problem you are trying to solve.

The focus of CSW Global 2019 was to unlock crowd participation breakthroughs and explore the use of open innovation techniques and practices becoming more mainstream – becoming the next big thing in our lives. We met fellow platforms and many innovators that are seeking to add innovation to their organisations in the best way possible: Crowdsourcing.

“It’s important and valuable to meet with fellow industry experts especially in this new and exciting application of crowdsourcing,” commented Robert Maguire. “By combining our efforts and knowledge sharing we are able to ultimately provide better value and services to both innovators & communities alike. In fact, the overriding topic of discussion at CSW was ‘community’ and now that we have entered into this era of major technological advances, community and collaboration is vital to achieving these advances and by working together and using the power of the crowd can we ensure that these advances keep propelling innovation into the golden age of tech.”