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How to Crowdsource Data Science and Mathematics

How we work is changing! In a digital world we connect together to find global solutions for transformation.

On Average, Crowdsourced Innovation is 3 times faster than Traditional Innovation. There are brilliant minds that can help organisations innovate and evolve by providing technical solutions. Crowdsourcing Data Science and Mathematics you can drive change through data driven innovation and collaborate to develop new opportunities and deliver innovative solutions to make a better world.

Watch these video chats where Robert Maguire – Head of Strategy at Mathesia – and Epi Ludvik Nekaj – Founder of Crowdsourcing Week – talk about How to Crowdsource Data Science and Mathematics.

Join our LIVE #Webchat this coming Wed. April 3rd at 5pm Berlin time together with Robert Maguire – Head of Strategy at Mathesia and our Founder Epi Ludvik Nekaj talk about How to Crowdsource Data Science and Mathematics.

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Tips For Crowdsourcers

  • Define your Goals
  • Identify Problems
  • Find the right crowd to work with
  • Quantify and Benchmark your results
  • Share information
  • Be Fearless
  • Launch a challenge on Mathesia!


Join us this Friday July 12th at 5PM CET (European) together with Robert Maguire from Mathesia and our own Epi Ludvik talk about: How To Crowdsource Innovation With Data Science & Mathematics #CSWGlobal19

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How to begin your Crowdsourcing Program

LEARN – The first step in a smart crowdsourcing strategy is to take the time to learn and plan what you need to do and know how to navigate every stage of the process.

EXPERIMENT – The next step is to begin experimenting. Lock in talent inside and outside of your company to partner with, practice the method with them on several problems, identify success metrics, and dial in a communication strategy.

BUILD – Now begin to build the program! Expand it based on what’s worked, take stock and address any resistance within the organization’s culture, centralize a crowdsourcing management hub and refine the ability to formulate problems.

SCALE – Next it is time to scale. Do this by increasing the program capability, fully integrating crowdsourcing into company policy, continuing and evolving the communication program, and capturing metrics to measure effectiveness.