How it works

Mathesia helps companies and organisations find the best talents who can bring solutions to any type of business challenge.

Find out how easy it is!

Launch a challenge on Mathesia

Get several solution proposals from a global network of experts

Select the best and award the project

The projects

Projects on Mathesia are business challenges solved by means of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science, for whose solution you, the Project owner, offer a reward in money (the Project value).
When posting a Project on Mathesia, you decide the Project duration and establish the Project value, i.e. the budget you are willing to spend for the solution.

Brainies who wish to apply to the project submit a solution proposal in terms of:

Description of how they propose to develop the solution (e.g. describing the methods, techniques and tools they plan to use)

Solution delivery date

The fee they want to receive for their work

You evaluate the received solution proposals and name the Brainy whom to award the project to.


Mathesia guides you hand in hand in filling the project brief, that is, the description of your need.

In the project brief you are free to describe what you want in your own words, but you will also be asked to fill some information that will help Mathesia enhance the brief with information for math and data scientists.
If you have ready-made material like sample datasets, drawings, presentations of your operating environment or the like you are free to attach them to the brief.

You indicate the budget range you are willing to spend for the solution and the timeframe when you wish to receive the solution. That’s it. You are ready to go!
You can control your project at any time in your project dashboard.

Mathesia may assist you in writing the brief and, in any case, will perform a consistency check on the brief before making ot visible to the community of solvers.


When your project is published the whole network of experts can view it and whoever is interested can provide a quote.
Behind the scenes, Mathesia notifies the Brainies whose competences match your project’s needs that a new challenge is available for them. This to ensure that the Brainies who best fit your project do not miss it.

In your project control panel you may view the quotes you are receiving. Brainies are asked to provide a summary of the solution/deliverable they propose to develop for you, their fee and a delivery date. You will be able to browse all the quotes, rate them and, eventually, select the one that you deem best. Or none, if you do not find any suitable proposal.
If you wish Mathesia can support you in the evaluation of the quotes.

Brainies can exchange questions with you: in your project control panel there will be a dedicated “Q&A” area where you might view the questions and answer them. You will be notified by email whenever a question about your project is asked.


When the timeframe for receiving quotes has expired you will evaluate quotes and, if you find one that suits your need best, award the project to the winner with a click.

From that moment on you will work with the selected Brainy outside Mathesia.

Should you not find any quote that suits your need or not receive any quote, you will not have to pay any fee. In such unlikely cases do not despair: Mathesia might still be able to help you solve your challenge.


Your privacy is paramount and treated very seriously here at Mathesia.
Each project you launch on Mathesia is protected by an NDA, which Brainies have to accept if they want to be enabled to work on it.
A project NDA may be designed either by Mathesia or you can introduce your own