Data Transformation for Digital Transformation – Mathesia roundtable @Smart Statistics for Smart Applications

Mathesia is the strategic partner of the of the annual Conference of the Italian Statistical Society: “SIS2019 – Smart Statistics for Smart Applications”. On June 18th, we presented a roundtable on Digital Transformation at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore as part of the “Fuoriconvegno” activities.

The event was aimed to explore challenges and opportunities for universities and businesses within the Digital Transformation Era.

The speakers were:

  • Monica Pratesi, President of SIS,
  • Paolo Cerioli, Eni Digital Scouting & Open Innovation Manager,
  • Emanuele Manfredi, Accenture Data Science Manager,
  • Simone De Giuseppe, Application Manager of Leroy Merlin,
  • Luca Prati, CEO of Mathesia.

By hosting the roundtable for “Smart Statistics for Smart Applications” we have demonstrated the strong link that exists between research, and the world of business. In this era of digital transformation, it’s vital for organisations to look beyond their own scope and capabilities, and to design infrastructures that can embrace advances in digital innovation using data science and research analysis.

With the explosion of data driven technologies, the role of science and research is more important than ever before. The development of these key technologies is in part due to the years of analysis and research development that has been invested through academia by organisations such as Eni, Accenture and Leroy Merlin, which showcased their innovations at the event.

“Before you can start on the path to digital transformation you must first embrace data transformation,” said Robert Maguire, Head of Strategy of Mathesia.“Data is the key to understanding our world and the future technologies we are developing. Statistics, research and strategic knowledge go hand in hand with interpreting data and developing it so that it can push organisations forward in their quest for innovation”.

Statistics is for everyone

Professor Monica Pratesi, President of the Italian Statistical Society, has opened the meeting emphasizing that statistics is and must be “for everyone”. Today more than ever, a multidisciplinary approach to data analysis is needed.

“There are open issues that we cannot solve with the tools we used in the past. Today, data science requires the hybridization of knowledge and skills, while the collaboration between the various institutions is increasingly important: academia, companies, public sector”.

Open Innovation can boost R&D

Paolo Cerioli, Eni’s digital scouting & open innovation manager, pointed out that between 2018 and 2021 Eni will invest over 750 million in R&D. The Digital Agenda of the company foresees over 200 projects in 38 countries, involving about 1300 people with dozens of Open Innovation, Agile & Design Thinking projects. As a success story, Cerioli mentioned the Safety Pre-sense project launched on Mathesia, thanks to which Eni is building a data-driven framework capable of identifying the most relevant and repeating causes and factors of incidence concerning safety.

Towards a Data Driven company

Finally, Simone De Giuseppe, Leroy Merlin’s Application Manager, highlighted how data science is becoming increasingly crucial in retail industry, with sentiment analysisrecommendations systemscustomer behavior analysis, even for micro-decisions, not just for macro projects. For this reason, Leroy-Merlin aims to become a data-driven company, thanks to platforms and tools that help internal and external skills exchange.

Crowdsource Data Science!

Mathesia, the world’s leading platform dedicated to Data Science & Applied Mathematics, have provided a bridge between academic capabilities and corporate innovation. Our unique crowdsourcing model allows organisations to interact and connect with world leading academics and researchers to collaborate on digital innovation and solve complex business challenges.