5 Trends and Takeaway Messages from the AI Forum

Last week, we attended the AI Forum in Milan, an annual event, where more than 700 attendees learned about the technological evolution of Artificial Intelligence and the trends in artificial intelligence research as well as its industrial applications.

11 Industries Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming – Source: AI Forum


Here are 5 trends and takeaway messages from this year’s AI Forum, as observed by Mathesia.


Bots are the (next) future

AI is already in wide use for recommendations and image recognition. The research is full steam on the creation of chatbots. NLP (Natural language processing) is a developing field in AI that will bring many changes in interactions with machines. SIRI, Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming better and better in giving us answer to our questions, but what about a bot that can really interact with us and debate?

Slide - Can a machine talk?

A snapshot from Filippo Rizzante talk – (Reply)

Human Centered AI

Human must be the focus of Artificial intelligence that becomes, in this way an AUGMENTED intelligence always interacting with men.
Europe is focusing researches in AI field keeping in focus the human value, to create an anthropocentric AI, opposed to the Chinese trend for an Efficient AI and the USA with its profit centered AI.

In European idea AI must create value for people.

Slide Injenia Talk - Human + Machine

An image from Cristiano Boscato talk – (Injenia)

Failure IS an option

People must not be scared of failures. Errors, especially in Machine learning and AI, are a step towards success, not towards the death of a project or of an idea. Failing is important, because it brings you a step forward to success.

No Fear

AI is already among us, it helps us buying things online, choosing our next playlist or TV series. Nevertheless many surveys say that people are scared of the growing of AI, fearing that it will substitute humans.

But humans are always in charge and AI researchers and workers knows that AI must help people and work WITH them.

Trustworthy AI

Europe is making steps towards for building trust in artificial intelligence. The EU Commission has just published a list of guidelines to build a trustworthy AI (http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-19-1893_en.htm).

According to the guidelines, trustworthy AI should be:

  • Lawful – respecting all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Ethical – respecting ethical principles and values.
  • Robust – both from a technical perspective while taking into account its social environment.